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A new type of sun roads.

The idea of ​​turning the road into a solar power plant has long troubled many enthusiasts. However, a direct approach to this issue always encounters a number of complex problems such as too high loads, too expensive materials or too much dust. But aren't there other options? German and Austrian scientists claim that there is.

A three-year program is now beginning, the main purpose of which is to study the possibility of installing solar panels on canopies over the highway. For Germany, this approach is extremely rational, given its 13,000 km of highways. If solar panels with a capacity of 180 W / m² are used on the entire road area, a total capacity of about 56 GW can be expected. Of course, this is quite optimistically unrealistic, because it does not take into account tunnels, bridges or areas with natural eclipses.

That is why the next work on the project will include two main areas:
   1. Carrying out a detailed assessment of the solar panels suitable for installation.
   2. Construction of a demonstration site to study the practical effect, both on the generation of electricity and on the impact of additional structures on traffic safety, road conditions and other factors

Of course, this project is still at the beginning, however, has all the hallmarks of a really promising idea.

This is not the first attempt to obtain electricity using the area of roads, but this approach is more like a truly commercial product. The actual possibilities of its mass realization will be visible only after the end of the tests.