The modules of Inter Energy with outstanding power output characteristics are certified to ensure reliability in most environmental conditions for decades.
Product features
Excellent efficiency of used space, effectively increased the specific power and reduced the cost of solar panels.
Large size of the light receiving area, higher power of solar panels, lower cost of the system.
Reducing the hot spot temperature of the solar module above 20 ℃ to ensure the stability and reliability of the power system.
In our photovoltaic modules we always use the latest technology which allows us to offer only high-tech and modern products.
Half-cell modules have solar cells that are cut in half, which improves the module's performance and durability.
PERC, which stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell or Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact, is a new technology aimed to achieve higher energy conversion efficiency by adding a dielectric passivation layer on the rear of the cell.
Bifacial solar panels are solar panels that can capture sunlight on both their front and back and are an interesting new solar solution for certain types of solar installations.
Double Glass
Double Glass Solar Panel is an innovative product uses solar cells layer laminated between two 2.5mm heat-strengthened glasses instead of the traditional polymer back-sheet.
MBB means that a solar cell is equipped with 12 or 16 busbars instead of 4, 5 or 6. This means the modules provide a higher power output and a higher reliability.